League of Legends Achievements


Q: I made a pentakill in 2003 and I didn't get the achievement for it

A: Probably, but our datas - according to the Riot API - only start as of May 1st, 2014 and there is nothing we can do about it. Sorry.

Q: I'm in North America and my achievements are appearing very slowly

A: Our research facility is located in EUW, therefore all intercontinental research will be slower than in Western Europe, sorry.

Q: I finished the season as gold or higher but I don't have the victorious achievement

A: Those achievements only appear after you have played at least one ranked game during the new season.

Q: I have an idea of a new achievement

A: That's great, please let us know about it.

Q: Which kind of games does Poro Laboratories use to calculate achievements?

A: Ranked, only. That's in line with Riot's idea to only have ranked games appearing publicly.

Q: Can I use your datas ? How ?

A: Sure and we even have an API, just contact us.

Q: In the list of rarest achievements, some are a yellow color. What does this mean?

A: Those are the legendary achievements. They are the most impressive ones or the harder to obtain, like scoring a pentakill.

Some Science

Our scientists at Poro Laboratories have 18519 summoners recorded in our test bench. We have downloaded and analyzed 10_693_589 ranked games. Our research scope includes 251 achivements. You can browse most of them on our achievements page, some are kept secret.

feed the poro

Help us feeding our poro scientists and fighting Noxian animal cruelty with your donations. This money will be used solely to purchase poro-snax, this savory blend of free-range, grass-fed Avarosan game hens and organic, non-ZMO Freljordian herbs contains the essential nutrients necessary to keep our poros scientists purring with pleasure. Do not feel obliged, we also practice science for fun.

After donating, if you wish to receive the limited legendary Poro Supporter achievement, send us an e-mail to research@poroscience.com with the information as your Paypal account (first name and location). This achievement require a minimum amount of 1 of your currency.

Achievement of the day

Win a game with Nunu

the Yeti Rider - Win a game with Nunu. This has been achieved by 20.5465 % of our research panel. Image designed by Riot Games.


The e-mail address of our research facility is research@poroscience.com but have a look on our F.A.Q. first as it may answer your question faster than any e-mail.

You can follow our development by checking our changelog.

Due to heavy budget restriction, our laboratory works slowly and may create bad or incorrect chemical reactions during summoner analysis, if you find any please let us know, we'll be glad of it.

If you wish to contribute as a graphist, designer, developer, translator, spell-checker, contact us by mail.


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