As of September 27th, Poro Science research laboratory is on recess while we implement the new Riot's API, any summoned added in the queue will be processed as soon as we are back online. No achievements will be lost nor missed. We are currently working on phase 3.

Some statistics

Our research panel is composed of 164 195 summoners and our science covers the last two years only as per Riot API limitations. We have analyzed 148 097 110 games. Our research panel have spent 63 581 046 hours (7 258 years) playing League of Legends.

The average summoner has played 1 455 games, played with 65 different champions among the 156 champions that exists and 5.51% of them have already played all champions at least once. The average summoner spent 387 hours in game and scored 7.06 pentakills. 24.63% of the summoners have already played more than 8 hours in a single day and 35.49% have played more than 500 hours in the last two years.

We have recorded 1 159 746 pentakills. On average you will witness a pentakill every 128 games and score one every 315 games. You are more likely to score a pentakill with Master Yi (7.25%), Katarina (5.16%), Yasuo (3.63%), Vayne (3.55%), Pyke (2.81%), Darius (2.66%), Samira (2.61%) and Jinx (2.58%). 1.3% of summoners have scored a pentakill and 1.19% of them have scored 3 pentakills in a single game. The average winrate is 45.56%

The average summoner has 151 achievements on the 306 we have under science. You can browse most of them on our achievements page. Poro Laboratories' achievements completion rate is 49.44%.

Summoners Hall of Fame

(269) Wanderingˉ (LAS)
(268) Zhyn (EUW)
(267) Here i go (EUW)
(267) Nepper (EUW)
(267) Jotarο Kujo (EUW)
(267) GeneralJohny (EUNE)
(267) Pilo (BR)
(266) Fyrel (BR)
(266) Hylu (EUNE)
(266) 4sk (LAN)
(265) AIê (BR)
(265) Kruizer (BR)
(265) AÐÇ (EUNE)
(265) 404 BOSSMÄN (EUW)
(265) Zeraora (BR)
(264) GazZaKoS (EUW)
(264) Vernafel (NA)
(264) Puddin (TR)
(264) Symenian (EUW)
(264) Rahmoni (EUW)
(264) YanKeSPro (EUW)
(264) The Shiken (NA)
(264) Submit (NA)
(263) NintendoSwitch (NA)
(263) Nolife Fynn (EUW)
(263) IENCH Taric (EUW)

Most Pentakills

(598) zam zebam (EUW)
(431) Yuno Urié (EUNE)
(369) suzy43 (RU)
(327) Cháóś (EUW)
(319) Kimšeyi sevmiom (TR)
(288) StarGuardianLulu (EUNE)
(280) Jgc FMT (EUNE)
(273) AIê (BR)
(272) Son of Mambo (EUW)
(251) VaIeria (LAN)
(247) Federals1 (EUNE)
(245) Rusty Quest (EUW)
(235) King Kosu (EUNE)
(235) Ãndrew (NA)
(235) Rookie Trist (NA)
(226) žißi (EUW)
(225) Wanderingˉ (LAS)
(223) GD Love (NA)
(219) MyNαme Is Kamil (EUNE)
(217) Neeko UwU (EUNE)
(216) 144hdz (BR)
(215) Aristodemus (EUW)
(208) user1dane (EUW)
(206) Ðanger Cat (NA)
(202) Lost Chapter (OCE)
(199) HûaHuâ (EUW)

Best Winrate

(81.64%) Alderiate (EUW)
(79.79%) Archaon (NA)
(76.81%) MustBeTheGanja (NA)
(75.79%) sena x (NA)
(73.31%) Rasse Ranged (EUW)
(72.24%) Boa Gasiciel (EUNE)
(72.06%) PLEASE SIR (EUW)
(71.94%) Bow (LAN)
(71.89%) SpılMesterMartin (EUW)
(71%) nakreB (TR)
(70.61%) I am Pickle Rick (TR)
(70.25%) Adeliy (RU)
(70.22%) ýuí (RU)
(68.4%) Piña (LAN)
(67.99%) BrothersBoyGrow (RU)
(67.87%) lKEEPCALMl (RU)
(67.71%) KBM Wiz (BR)
(67.71%) KawaiiSa (NA)
(67.64%) losing sight (TR)
(67.31%) Kill (RU)
(67.14%) Heat (RU)
(66.97%) Ebolav (EUW)
(66.77%) Teamfighter (EUNE)
(66.75%) CoreaCK (OCE)
(66.55%) haunt u (RU)
(66.31%) RANGERZX (EUNE)

Most Time Spent In Game

(245d) GaMBlerko (EUNE)
(245d) Pensieve (KR)
(216d) GeT CoN TRollED (EUW)
(195d) Jenninx (NA)
(187d) DBB Psyini (EUW)
(174d) BigZo (NA)
(174d) PowislanPrince (EUW)
(172d) Vicious Sungslee (NA)
(172d) NintendoSwitch (NA)
(168d) Rudikun (EUW)
(167d) 420Killa (NA)
(161d) Your Cut (NA)
(161d) Sweet Apricot (EUW)
(161d) Sassura (EUW)
(161d) itachi97 (EUNE)
(161d) Boromir Stark (NA)
(158d) Proosia (NA)
(157d) Nolife Fynn (EUW)
(156d) Nooby Doo (NA)
(154d) specgeny (EUNE)
(154d) Queen Katsu (NA)
(151d) Hot Kitty υωυ (EUNE)
(150d) 파리지옥철 (KR)
(149d) zam zebam (EUW)
(148d) ChrisCrinlge (NA)

Most Played Games

(15581) GaMBlerko (EUNE)
(12047) 420Killa (NA)
(11093) DBB Psyini (EUW)
(10685) Nolife Fynn (EUW)
(10453) NintendoSwitch (NA)
(10440) Jenninx (NA)
(10386) ßroo (EUNE)
(10190) GeT CoN TRollED (EUW)
(10003) JandeeBoii (NA)
(9869) Boromir Stark (NA)
(9741) 파리지옥철 (KR)
(9602) itachi97 (EUNE)
(9562) Ahri (RU)
(9509) Ltjk (NA)
(9398) Sweet Apricot (EUW)
(9370) Sassura (EUW)
(9340) Sing Soο Ling (EUNE)
(9238) Nαtascha (EUW)
(9132) The Fauxean (OCE)
(8967) Yuno Urié (EUNE)
(8867) Vicious Sungslee (NA)
(8857) BlaoThorne RJ (NA)
(8790) Your Cut (NA)
(8727) Cheesy Scrotum (NA)
(8704) jovu (NA)
(8692) Proosia (NA)


Q: How long does Poro Science goes in the past?

A: Riot reduced Match History retention to two years, we can only compute achivements on games over the last two years..

Q: Does achievements disappear?

A: No, any achievement won will remain forever, regardless on how hold the game is.

Q: I'm missing one or more Victorious achievements?

A: The Victorious achivements are specials and may take a few days to appear.

Q: I think the number of played games has decrease?

A: Only games over the last two years are considered, however achievements will remain forever.

Q: I have an idea of a new achievement

A: That's great, please let us know about it on our Discord.

Q: Which kind of games does Poro Laboratories use to compute achievements?

A: Here is the explicit list of games type we support : normal 5v5 blind pick game, ranked solo 5v5 game, ranked premade 5v5 game, normal 3v3 game, ranked premade 3v3 game (ranked flex twisted treeline games), normal 5v5 draft pick game, dominion 5v5 blind pick game, dominion 5v5 draft pick game, dominion coop vs ai game, ranked team 3v3 game, ranked team 5v5 game, team builder game, aram game, one for all game, snowdown showdown 1v1 game, snowdown showdown 2v2 game, summoner's rift 6x6 hexakill game, ultra rapid fire game, one for all mirror mode game, ascension game, twisted treeline 6x6 hexakill game, butcher's bridge game, king poro game, nemesis game, black market brawlers game, nexus siege game, definitely not dominion game, all random urf game, all random summoner's rift game, normal 5v5 draft pick game, ranked 5v5 draft pick game, ranked solo game (team builder), normal 5v5 blind pick game, ranked flex summoner's rift game, 5v5 aram game, 3v3 blind pick game, 3v3 ranked flex game, blood hunt assassin game, clash games, arurf games, ascension games, legend of the poro king game, nexus siege game, snow arurf games, one for all games, nexus blitz games, ultimate spellbook games.

Q: Can I use your datas ? How ?

A: Sure and we even have an API, just contact us on Discord.

Q: Why the computation is slow ?

A: Because we have to analyze all the games you played in the last two years, replaying all those games take some time.

Q: In the list of achievements, some have shining borders, what does that mean?

A: Those are the rarest achievements, score by less than 20 % of our research panel.

Q: When clicking on a pentakill or an achievement, why am I redirected to

A: As of Sept 7th 2021, Riot turned off the League Web Match History site, is the only website available to browse into a specific match.

Who we are

Poro Laboratories is a League of Legends achievements and statistics research facility providing analytics data for summoners : how much pentakills, takedowns, multikills, winrate, number of games you played, how much time you have played (or wasted) on League of Legends, eternals ... all that linked to your match history page for proof and reference

Science in progress

Phase 0
in queue
Phase 1
Phase 2
match gathering
Phase 3
running science


Have a look on our F.A.Q. first as it may answer your question faster than any message. Otherwise we can be reach through Discord.

Due to heavy budget restriction, our laboratory works slowly and may create bad or incorrect chemical reactions during summoner analysis, if you find any please let us know, we'll be glad of it.

If you wish to contribute as a graphist, designer, developer, translator, spell-checker, contact us on Discord.

feed the poro

Help us feeding our poro scientists and fighting Noxian animal cruelty with your donations. This money will be used solely to purchase poro-snax, this savory blend of free-range, grass-fed Avarosan game hens and organic, non-ZMO Freljordian herbs contains the essential nutrients necessary to keep our poros scientists purring with pleasure. Do not feel obliged, we also practice science for fun.

After donating, if you wish to receive the limited legendary Poro Supporter achievement, send us an e-mail to with the information as your Paypal account (first name and location). This achievement require a minimum amount of 1 of your currency.

Achievement of the day

Win a game with Warwick

the Blood Hunter: Win a game with Warwick. This has been achieved by 34.82% of our research panel.



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