Poro Laboratories and the Poro Science team are experiencing an unusually large number of requests. Expect some delay for your achievements' update and computation.


As you may be aware, the comprehensive privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") is in effect. GDPR gives EU residents greater control over their personal data, including by allowing them to exercise their rights by sending "data subject requests" to data controllers. As a project using the Riot Games API, we may have access to personal data subject to the GDPR. Even tough this specific summoner might not be in Europe, we decided to extend this idea to the whole world.

Accounts that have been forgotten by Riot Games will have their summoner names renamed to : rtbf(summonerID)
Example: player with summonerID 12345 will now be listed as rtbf12345.

Since we detected this summoner match this format, we decided to remove any associations and data about this account.